NeoNatal & Pediatric Air Transport

Air Med Global is one of a few leading Organ and Tissue Air Transport companies specialized in Neonatal air ambulance transfers. When neonates require urgent transfer to a specialized hospital for a major surgical operation, a medical procedure or simply for an evaluation, Air Med Global facilitates those flights for both neonates and pediatrics ranging from very stable to most critical ones.

If an infant needs immediate transport, our team are standing by ready to rush your little one to the selected healthcare facility for treatment. Time is of the essence, particularly when dealing with delicate young ones and our team has made it their top priority to provide efficient transport services to minimize the travel time between healthcare facilities.

Why Choose Us?

Trained Medical Personnel
Our highly-trained team include members specially trained for neonatal care. For babies and children who may either be critically ill or have been in serious accidents will be provided with highly specialized care to help keep them both stable, and comfortable. Our team are a caring and compassionate group who go above and beyond to ensure any child that enters one of our planes is comfortable and cared for in any way they need.
Family On Board
You don’t have to worry about leaving family members behind as all our aircraft are equipped to take on board family members who wish to accompany the patient to the facility. Our team are also trained to care for the family on board and provide them with regular in-flight updates to keep them both informed, and at ease during the journey.
Cutting Edge Technology
If your child needs care on board, you can rest assured that our aircraft are equipped with the latest advancements in healthcare to ensure your child is in the best care possible. This equipment includes but is not limited to Neonatal incubators, respiration systems, IV pumps, Isolette life support systems and more.  We specialize in neonatal and pediatric air transport and have systems in place to ensure your child is in the best hands.
Bed-To-Bed Process

Air Med Global is proud of the care we provide to our neonatal and pediatric air transport patients. Our specially trained crew and medical teams are specialists when it comes to caring for precious cargo. We ensure that everything is taken care of from the moment we pick up your little one to the moment they make a safe delivery at the destination facility. When you fly with Air Med Global, you’re in the best hands.

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What You Need to Know About Your Transportation

When travelling with Air Med Global, our team make it their top priority to ensure you are taken care of. We want to make sure your journey is as comfortable as it can be and will reach out to you regarding any special requests or needs that you may have. Remember to always check the following before scheduling a transport:


Transport Type Required

Neonatal & pediatric air transport is mainly used when you need to transfer a child or infant to a specialized facility for a major operation, procedure, or evaluation. Our team can help you decide on the best aircraft and method of transport to ensure you never pay for more than you need.


Family Flying

Transporting a child for medical treatment is never easy for any family. Our team are standing by to help you through this journey and will be able to make arrangements for you to accompany your child on board to their destination facility.


Your Destination Facility

Make sure you know where it is you need to go. If you are uncertain at any point, please reach out to our team so we can assist you better. Our team can then take over and handle all of the transportation requirements and arrangements.

“The team at Air Med Global were so easy to get in touch with and schedule a plane. The whole process was handled by them and they even made sure our insurance covered the service too! Thank you so much for taking care of us!”

Nick Chu

Patient’s Brother

Better Air Medical Transport is Our Mission

24/7 service Multi-lingual assistance is available



2500 W Lake Mary Blvd Suite 107, Lake Mary, FL 32746