Neonatal air medical transport is used when neonates need a transfer to a specialized facility for a major operation, procedure or evaluation. This can be used for neonatal and pediatric cases and isn’t limited to urgent cases.  Air Med Global provides expert neonatal and pediatric air medical transports. Air Med employs an experienced neonatal medical transport team. Our team includes RNs that have years of experience working as neonatal critical care nurses in hospital.

Moreover, we have the knowledge and equipment to transport neonates anywhere safely. We own and maintain our own isolette incubators that are used for neonatal transport. If you need expert neonatal air medical transportation, trust Air Med Global. We have the CAMTS accreditation, which is the highest accreditation awarded to an air ambulance company. Contact one of our expert Air med team in medical case to our managers today, to arrange neonatal air medical transportation. When it comes to the transport and care of your smallest patients, you demand and expect the very highest standards of professionalism and dedication. At Air med, Air Ambulance, we are proud to meet those expectations. Our highly specialized neonatal teams, consisting of a critical care neonatal nurse and respiratory therapist, are capable of providing care to the most intricate patients such as premature babies and those with complex congenital cardiac defects.

However, proud of the work we do in providing neonate transport to premature or critically ill infants. We have safely transported hundreds of infants, babies, and children to and from both international and domestic locations so they can get the specialized care they need. Our specially trained flight crews and medical teams are experts in providing specialized care from the moment they pick up their precious cargo until they make safe delivery at the receiving facility.

If an infant needs immediate transport, we are ready to respond with speed and efficiency. When transporting neonates, our specially trained medical flight crews include a neonatal nurse and a respiratory therapist, and the aircraft is equipped with necessary equipment such as an isolette.