Air Med Global has successfully completed more than 400 missions of many varieties, but there is one type of mission that is especially meaningful to us when it comes to medical flights – organ and tissues Air transportation and also organ transplant patient transportation. These missions, while critically important, are often very complex and require a large amount of planning and preparation. Here, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions you may have about organ transplant aviation services.

Organ transplantation may be a possible treatment option if your medical condition causes organ failure for one or more of your vital organs. Organ transplants are a surgical intervention that provides a functioning human organ to a patient whose organ is close to failure or has stopped functioning.Organs may be donated by a living donor or by a donor who has recently passed away.  Donors must be matched according to blood type and other markers to ensure compatibility.  Living donors are often close relatives for that very reason.

Moreover, when we have a potential recipient for an organ transplant, we do a lot of pre-planning to ensure both patient and CSI are prepared for the flight. Organ transplantation is indeed the miraculous discovery but unfortunately, it is restricted with timely organ transport. In a scenario where the demand of organs to be transplanted has exceeded to be much higher than the supply because there is less number of donors than the people who are waiting for a suitable lifesaving organ transplant, timely organ transport is crucial. Air ambulances play an important role in such transport.However, our organ transportation service entails the quick and safe transportation of patients to the transplant facility.

We understand that every minute counts and our team can partner with your primary care providers to make sure you or your patient arrive on time for surgery. From bedside-to-bedside, our air ambulance teams provide complete care to make the healthcare journey more comfortable.To recapitulate, Air Med Global achieves our success through clients Satisfaction, Peace, Growth and Prosperity.  Since our establishment, we are engaged in providing hassle-free and satisfactory Air Ambulance Service. Which are high on demand in the market and these services are offered by highly trained professionals who offer prompt services.