We witness unfortunate accidents daily. Regrettably, the mishap can lead to irreparable
damage of an organ which requires immediate organ transplantation. Without a doubt, organ
transplantation can save precious lives but there are certain limitations like insufficient
donors compared to the number of people who need such transplantations, and the inability
of the injured patient to move to another destination for facilitating the transplantation. The
role of air ambulance services is indispensable in these circumstances. Air Med Global
provides Air Ambulance Services in Florida and is currently the industry leader involving the
transportation of organ and air-tissue for surgery.

Air Med Global has a dedicated team, and they know the importance of time for transporting
the organs and tissues to their destinations. Therefore, the team is always ready to carry the
required organs and tissues at a moment’s notice. The organs that are usually transported
include kidney, pancreas, liver, lung, heart, intestine, and Vascularized composite allografts
(VCAs), including hand and face transplants. We have a large fleet, and the team will always
work out the best plan to determine the best aircraft for transporting the organs and tissues
most efficiently. As you can understand, there can be a plethora of factors that determine
how urgent the transport may be, and Air Med Global successfully considers all the elements
and ensure timely transportation for the patients.

According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS,) more or less 79 lives are saved
every day owing to these organ transplantation surgeries. Thus, a lot depends on the air
ambulance services for the timely delivery of these organs. The road transportation services
cannot be relied upon as they are unlikely to deliver the organs on time. Factors like traffic
jams, roadblocks, and others can delay the timely delivery, and every minute counts for the
patients who are in need of the transplantation. With Air Med Global, working relentlessly for
decreasing the time of travel, the timely delivery of these vital organs is guaranteed.

Not all the cases of organ transplantations are identical. Therefore, Air Med Global works out
the unique transportation plan to ensure that the organs are delivered on time. The entire
procedure is based on where the organ is located and the destination where it needs to go.
The team of Air Med Global will always be there to help you with the best information. All the
aircrafts designated for organ and tissue transportation have state-of-the-art facilities to
ensure safe disposal.